Sunday, June 9, 2013

Scary how quickly time flies

On Friday night, I met up with one of my best friends for a farewell dinner.  He is just wrapping up his MBA at a top 5 program and will be moving to NYC with his girlfriend (whom he met during the pre-orientation trip abroad!).  

While talking, I brought up how time seems to go faster as we grow older.  It felt like yesterday when I met him for dinner after he just started b-school.  That was 22 months ago; it is unreal how fast that time has gone by.  

I asked him for his "concluding" thoughts on his MBA experience.  I was taken aback at how apathetic he is about b-school, especially compared to his undergrad.  From the moment I met him, he could not stop gushing over how awesome college was, how much fun he had, and how it's truly a "once in a lifetime" experience.  As to b-school he remarked how he got tired of the constant partying and drinking and how things just got stale after a few months.  He thought his classes were remarkably easy, with very little useful skills acquired during his time in b-school. 

I think his views are sort of in the minority, but nonetheless he's a very smart capable guy whom I respect tremendously.  It did get me thinking on the precise value of a top MBA from an academic standpoint and whether the social experience has been hyped up a bit too much.  Of course, I'll never truly know the answers to these questions until I can actually get my butt into one of these schools!  

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