Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why I LOVE Chicago Booth

Although there are many top business schools that I like, in terms of cultural and social fit, I do not think there is a better school for me than Chicago Booth.  A recent experience only confirmed my viewpoint.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to hang out with a group of rising Booth first-years over delicious Asian BBQ and drinks.  Now, I've spent time at most top schools, in both formal and social settings, so although I have never attended business school, I think I have a reasonably good feel for the culture/vibe at each school. 

The Booth students were totally my type: smart and a bit geeky but not overly so, able to have fun without getting excessive, and somewhat different and "edgy."  These are of course not quantifiable traits but stuff that I can pick up on relatively easily.  Simply put, I felt totally comfortable hanging out with them although I had just met them and am not even a Booth student.  I definitely did not have similar sentiments when I spent time with those at other b-schools.

Booth's unique culture, one that combines intellectual rigor and honesty with a sense of skepticism and rebellion, attracts a certain type.  This is not to say that everyone at Booth is identical, but rather, the community as a whole reflects core values that strongly resonate with me.  And in my opinion, there is no doubt that this makes a substantive difference in one's MBA experience. 

Now, how I can actually convince Kurt Ahlm to give me a shot is a different topic altogether, a herculean task tantamount to getting a date with a supermodel. :) 


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